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Xavier Mariezcurrena


Tony Aiazzi



blame it on the SALT, tobasco HERESY & first time KEBAP

Hosting tips from the OverSeasoners. Talk a little babaG, few oysters on the halfsies, and one-sided Frenchies Mustard take down.

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HARISSA, charred broccoli & SHAKSHUKA

OverSeasoned catches up with Chef Dave Katz to get the low down on restaurant ops post covid and Moroccan harissa making etiquette.

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Chef Chris "Chunk" Conlon vivas las vegas for us in this insightful poddy.

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foodservice REVOLUTIONS through GOOD times & GOUT times

Julien Shapiro the governor of galantines, boss of the ballotine, patron of pates and the crust of the croute (not to mention resident chef & Belle Époque Butcher of 8 hands farm) joins us again OverSeasoned to enlighten us on how farm producers are filling in the gaps as most restaurants remain...

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WASTING a way in Margaritaville (w/ a Del maguey FLOAT)

Looking for our lost shaker of salt with Matthew Conway, GM and Beverage Director of Restaurant Marc Forgione in New York City.

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take a left at the ARBY's, right at the WATER ICE, go around the SIZZLER and get to the BROWN BUTTER GNOCCHI

Ben Fileccia shares his restaurant journey and thoughts on the present and future of The Industry. He's doing a lot of good work at of the Pennsylvania Restaurant & Lodging Association and want's everyone to understand that not only does advocacy work, but it matters.

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A1 & HP sauce - BROTHERS from a different MOTHER

Chef Marcus Ware, an Englishman by way of NYC dishes up a lexan's worth of thoughts on where the Industry goes next post corona.

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turning the FROWN UPSIDE DOWN w / Amy Z

A wealth of experience behind the great bars of Philadelphia yields lessons for life and second careers with the indelible Amy Zumpano.

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if you BURN it on monday, you better BURN it on friday too

Chef Quincy Logan of COUNCIL OAK STEAKS & SEAFOOD in AC drops his steakhouse wisdom chops on OverSeasoned and what it's like to shut down ops in the middle of the corona. dozens of openings? check, live fire cooking? check. steak au poivre? check. Old Bay? check. All this and wedge salads...

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the current STATE of fried CHICKEN AFFAIRS in dallas, TEJAS

Cliff Edgar of BRICK & BONES in Deep Ellum gives us a glimpse of what it's like to pivot a business in uncertain times.

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frozen STEAKS, canned TUNA, and burnt PORK chops

flattening the profit curve to zero. #86corona

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take another POQUILLO my heart

yes. yet again Xavier is talking about the homeland. But this time he brought gifts like poquillo peppers and piment d'espelette hot sauce.

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the OCEANS' mozzarella STICKS, coconut CHARCOAL, and PINAKURAT

Jet lagging and chin wagging from the overseasoned advanced travel research team

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american DIGNITY & sugar free KETCHUP

4th of July cuisine holiday tribute.

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What happens when a dedicated consumer of crusty Franch Bread with fancy cheese learns that he has joined the ranks of annoying restaurant people? Find out on the lates episode of OverSeasoned, where the packets of soy sauce that come with the beef and broccoli are really starting to pile up.

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the consultant INSULTANT

Tips and tricks for starting out on your restaurant consulting career.

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secret MUSTARD recipes & dried LEMON peel w / Julien Shapiro

Chef Julien Shapiro of 8 Hands Farm dishes up some charcuterie knowledge while reminiscing about tomato raviolis in January, The World Pate en Croute Championships, the Roman Goddess of Dung, the dangers of meat that is less expensive than apples, and the importance of being a good steward of the...

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Parental Guidance...SUGGESTED?

Restaurant Friends, knowing what you know, and doing what you do (or have done) would you allow your kids to work in the hospitality industry?

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The OverSeasoned Holiday Special 2018

The busy holiday season is finally coming to end as prep for your favorite night of service begins..NYE. Join us as we talk turducken. And don't forget inventory on the 31st as we get geared up for #serviceindustryappreciationday2020

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smoked PAPRIKA = white trash SAFFRON w/ Jeffry Feder of FEDERKNIVES.com

n which one opines on the meaning of art and creativity juxtaposed with the importance of nostalgia in curating a considered and modern life experience. We also decide to change the name of the show to the hot dog poddy. 

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